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Zombie Panic Source

2007 Unreleased Game Mod of the Year
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Zombie Panic Source User Reviews

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Zombie Panic Source Review

Right, I have been playing ZPS since 2009, yes, that has been quite some time now. I have clocked over 788 hours and counting. More than 700 on my favorite server which was MMNB which transformed to [ZG] as in the Zombie Gaming Community. So let’s get onto my review. What is zombie panic?  Firstly, Zombie panic is a team based game. You start maybe out as eight survivors against a carrier. T...[Read More]



Zombie Panic!: Source – A Review

Zombie Panic Source is a very fun game. It pits zombies and survivors in a PvP style set up. The zombies themselves are very powerful- they’re quick, can jump, climb ladders, and they do a lot of damage in melee range. The survivors have an advantage in that they can use ranged weapons, but that’s about it. Although different servers provide different things, the common underlying game...[Read More]



Best Zombie Mod out there!

Zombie Panic: Source is a such fun and addicting Mod thanks to its solid game play. The game play in this game is awesome. The game starts off hard , once you get to know your way in on the maps you will improve a lot. The maps are really interesting and get better each round you play them. The best way to survive is staying as a group to protect each other while doing objectives. Highly recommend...[Read More]

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