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Zombie Panic Source

2007 Unreleased Game Mod of the Year
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Zombie Panic Source
Zombie Panic Source

Zombie Panic! Source (ZPS) is a cooperative survival horror Half-Life 2 Modification, the sequel to the popular Half-Life Modification "Zombie Panic". As a member of a party of survivors you find yourself without provisions or any military support.  Fending off the undead has never been more difficult, but with a large variety of fire arms, explosives, and unique items, the task is not impossible.

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Latest Zombie Panic News

Hi all, We've released a small, yet important update to ZPS version 3.0.9! This patch includes a few changes to the round manager regarding a zombie skipping bug, sound tweaks, and Asylum bug fixes. Full details on the list below! v3.0.9a Changelog General...
June 3, 2018, 11:20 pm
Hey everyone, Remember when we said v3.0.8 would be the last? Yeah, we lied. Sorry! We've updated ZPS to version v3.0.9! This is an important update because it features changes to the rounds manager where late joiners won't be able to play as a Survivor ev...
May 16, 2018, 1:16 am
Update: We're shipping a quick hotfix including fixes to SteamCMD on Linux and for "Multiple Personalities" achievement. Hi everyone, We're pleased to finally announce an incredible visual and gameplay overhaul to Asylum, made by one of our environmental a...
May 9, 2018, 2:16 am
Update: An additional patch has been released on April 30 featuring small tweaks and clips on Frozenheart; and removal of a console spam ...
April 26, 2018, 7:17 pm
UPDATE: A new patch for v3.0.7-Hotfix3 has been released that fixes the "World Traveler" achievement. We are shipping a very important hotfix for v3.0.7 that addresses newfound critical security exploits that could crash dedicated servers. Servers operator...
March 12, 2018, 1:44 pm

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  • Some Jump Glitch Spots.. June 17, 2018
    [Plz dont mind my poor English.]       Hey threre! Recently i found people posted some pictures in discord. In the pics they were able to get through the map. And they said they did it by chance. So.. Im trying to figure out how to do that.        At first, Lets see some pictures after […]
  • Grenades ignore mp_friendlyfire June 7, 2018
    Hi, currently (3.0.9a) it seems that grenades completly ignore mp_friendlyfire they will only affect the thrower or any non teammates.
  • Website in Steam Overlay May 29, 2018
    This Plugin easily allows players to visit the servers website using the Steam Overlay. As this plugin uses the OpenSteamOverlayToWebPage function 3.0.9 is required. Players ingame can simply use !website or /website to visit the servers website. It does require the player to set cl_allow_servers_to_use_steam_overlay to 1 otherwise the steam overlay will not show the […]
  • zpo_murksville May 21, 2018
    Map needs a plank, player clip or lowered ground so this trap spot can't be abused by humans slaughtering zombies who try to get out the water in this area.    20180521022558_1.jpg (Size: 154.58 KB / Downloads: 2)

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