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Zombie Mutation is a brand new Garry's Mod Zombie Modification paying tribute to old school Counter Strike Source (CSS) Zombie Mods.  It was designed from by Monkeynaut and Tomgreen with the intent to introduce a Zombie action game that is very fast paced and fun. This mod is bringing brand new ideas to Zombie Gaming which really hasn't been done before! Player vs Player Zombie Mod with one tea...[Read More]




2007 Game Mod of the Year

Shalashaska Zombie Panic! Source Mapper




2007 Game Mod of the Year

Zombielle is an innovative and extremely creative mapper. Her ability to take concepts and materialize them in a fun and realistic manner is spectacular.  She successfully took dR. Vodker’s Zombie Panic! Source Deathmatch (DM) based maps and ushered in a wide variety of very creative and exciting DeathMatch maps.  She is a vital contributor to the Zombie Gaming Community as both an Administrator a...[Read More]

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