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Contagion Maps




2007 Game Mod of the Year

Pears (Abilities) has demonstrated of how an extremely creative mapper he truly is. He has solidified this in his first map, an objective map no less, nmo_Hospitality. He truly is showing that he can combine a creative objective map with a visually pleasing environment wrapped up with great game-play. We expect to see some pretty great things with the release of new maps by Abilities.

No More Room In Hell Maps



The Modern Horror That Started it All

I first saw Dawn of the Dead in the mid-80s (crap am I dating myself) when it first came out on VHS Video (I think I did it again).  Never before did a movie grab my attention as this one did.  While I was an admirer Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, the modern Zombie genre was really still in its infancy. Even with its background zombies looking more like drugged out Smurfs than walkers, I was u...[Read More]

No More Room in Hell Featured in the Movie, Mr. Righteous

No More Room In Hell is featured in the latest film by Anti-Hero Pictures, Mr. Righteous. Parker, played by Brendan Nagle is playing No More Room In Hell while entertaining his best friend, James Righteous, played by John Schmiederer. Official movie site at www.mrrighteousmovie.com

No More Room In Hell 2 Teaser

This is the teaser trailer for the upcoming NMRiH 2

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